SEAT Mii Ecofuel the low-emission car with low running cost and affordable pricing

SEAT is introducing the new Mii Ecofuel, a CNG-based low-emission car under its flagship, featuring the low running cost and affordable pricing . The Mii Ecofuel runs on Compressed Natual Gas[CNG], is technically optimized to deliver best efficiency, low running cost and good driving dynamics. It is the first model of SEAT to be premiered with new SEAT badge at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show 2013. It has a base price of €12,050 in Germany, which is quite affordable as per the market with the SEAT-based characteristics of  low maintenance cost. The new SEAT Mii Ecofuel CNG  is loaded with 3-cylinder spark-ignition 1.0-Litre engine which is a lightweight engine built from aluminum, and helps to make it more efficient. It has a displacement of 999 cc and can generate an output of 68 PS[67.1 hp or 50 kilowatt] at 6,200 rpm with the top torque of 90 Nm which can achieved by the fast revved engine at 3000 rpm. The highly optimized CNG variant has an efficiency of 34.48 km/kg[i.e. 2.9 kg of CNG per 100 km], it has low CO2 emission of 79 grams/km, and low carbon-monoxide and hydrocarbons as compared to the petrol model, and for unburnt residual of methane, it is converted by the catalyst converter. Featuring the same technology of petrol engine, the CNG engine has an upgrade of compression ratio of 10.5:1 to 11.5:1 which assists in delivering more combustion efficiency. While the engine control unit which takes care of the gas injector valves and the electronic gas pressure regulator, uses lambda sensor to identify the different qualities of "low gas" and "high gas", and at the low gas identification which has lower calorific value due to its lower methane content, it adapts to give best injection timing. It also features the Ecomotive Technology which provides Start/Stop functionality, good aerodynamic characteristics, low rolling resistance tyres and Brake Energy Recovery system. The new Mii Ecofuel CNG has take capacity of 11 kg which has driving range of 240 miles and with the capability of CNG, the Ecofuel engine can also be run with unleaded petrol with the petrol tank capacity of 10 liters which adds 140 miles in the driving range, to give 380 miles of full system driving range. The instrument panel is equipped with a special fuel level indicator which displays the level in both the gas and the petrol tank. SEAT will start selling the Mii Ecofuel in many countries like Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the Czech Republic due to the availability need of CNG cars and the needed infrastructure to support it, where as the UK launch will take more time due to lack of supporting infrastructure. Photos of new SEAT Mii Ecofuel [gallery order="DESC" orderby="post_date"] Auto News Release Source : SEAT