Seat Introduces Ibiza FR Edition And New Engine For Entire Ibiza Range

Active Cylinder Technology is one of the most widely accepted technologies in the recent times as it greatly helps in bringing down the fuel consumption and Seat is the latest brand to adopt it. Seat has launched a new Seat Ibiza FR Edition that is powered by a new 1.4 TSI petrol engine that equips ACT (Active Cylinder Technology ). The new ACT-equipped petrol heart replaces the previously available 1.4 TSI 150 PS non-ACT engine on the entire Ibiza range. Compared to the previous engine, the new one develops 10 hp less but is capable of sprinting from 0 to 62 mph in under 8 seconds while returning a great 60.1 miles to a gallon. While the 0 to 62 mph acceleration time is 0.2 seconds more, the new engine adds a significant 12.2 mpg to the fuel efficiency and also brings down the CO2 emissions to 109 g/km, an appreciable drop of 30 g/km. Seat has also made some changes to the transmission section as well. While the previous model was only available with a DSG automatic gearbox as standard, the new range replaces the same with a standard manual transmission. This helps Seat to lower the pricing of the car by £1,015. Along with the new engine Seat has also introduced a new Ibiza FR Edition that is positioned above the standard FR trim. The model is loaded with some exclusive features such as titanium-coloured 17-inch alloy wheels, red brake calipers, red seatbelts, climate control, body-painted door mirrors and dark tinted rear windows. The special edition is available in SC and 5-door body configuration and is priced at £15,920 and £16,470 respectively. The new 1.4 TSI ACT engine is offered on all the standard FR body styles: SC, 5-door and ST. The pricing for the models is as follows: Ibiza SC 1.4 TSI ACT: £15,320 Ibiza 1.4 TSI ACT: £15,870 (five-door) Ibiza ST 1.4 TSI ACT: £16,570 2014 Seat Ibiza FR Edition Image Gallery [gallery columns="2" ids="22773,22772,22771,22770,22769,22768,22767,22766,22765,22764,22763,22762,22761,22760,22759,22758,22757,22756,22755,22754,22753,22752,22751,22750,22749"]