Scion Concept Car Trio Unveiled Ahead Of SEMA Debut

Like every year, this year’s Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show is going to be very promising as there will be plenty of vehicles to feast your eyes upon. The show will take place in Las Vegas between November 5 and 8. As we know, there will be a lot of concepts at the show and adding up to that list is a trio of concepts from Scion which it has announced just recently. The concepts are not built by Scion and are the result of a Tuner Challenge held by the brand. As per the challenge, three custom car builders were given a stock 2014 tC plus $15,000 to design and modify the car within 90 days. The first builder, Josh Croll of Mertztown, Pa., converted his tC to a right-hand drive model, the first in the world. The paint scheme was kept flashy hot rod orange, with European clean lines and shape, and wide wheels as a part of the styling. As the owner of Croll’s Customs, Croll completed the work in-house. “This tC is a modern day hot rod with clear Japanese roots,” Croll said. “It has the uniqueness, style and power to win this competition.” Walter Franco of Seattle worked together with DTM Autobody of El Monte, Calif., to create a sophisticated looking custom tC. Franco owns a transportation lifestyle brand NAMSAYIN, and therefore brought in a luxury feel through a combination suede and leader interior with diamond stitching and pearl white exterior paint. Extra focus was also put on the driver’s experience through the audio system and performance enhancements, including a shot of nitrous for added power. “We aimed to reach that next level within the VIP style with performance capabilities and a good sense of design cohesiveness,” Franco said. “This build represents the new direction I want to bring to the industry and the skill represented here in the Pacific Northwest.” Young Tea of Alhambra, Calif., is the co-founder of the Scion FR-S community FRS86. He and his team built a garage-built car which can perform well at the track and be driven daily as well. Dubbed the “Simpli-tC” concept, the styling has ben kept stock while extending the fenders, adding a custom dual-outlet exhaust rear diffuser and including an air suspension system to lower the car. “The tC popularized the concept of a cost-effective and easy-to-modify coupe, and that principle inspired this SEMA build,” Tea said. “We want to show people what you can build in the garage, and that you can be proud of your car.” The competition cars will be judged by a panel that includes representation from Super Street, a magazine dedicated to covering high-performance customized cars and lifestyle. On the second day of the show, November 6, at 11 a.m., Scion will announce the winner of the competition and the he will take home a grand prize of $10,000. 2013 SEMA – Scion Tuner Challenge Cars Gallery [gallery columns="2" ids="16399,16398,16397,16396,16395,16394,16393,16392,16391,16390,16389,16388,16387,16386"]