2013 Nissan EXTREM at Sao Paulo International Motor Show 2012Dynamic by its built, color and looks, the all new concept car – the Nissan EXTREM, has been debut at the 27th Sao Paulo International Auto Show[24th October – 4th November 2012] in Brazil. The radical concept car is launched specially for Brazil and thus the Nissan EXTREM has been designed exclusively by visualizing the excitement, passion, natural beauty and cultural heritage of Brazil and thus creating the new design, color and specification in the concept form of Nissan EXTREM. Nissan has launched the exotic EXTREM targeting the young generation who needs unique and vibrant design inside a new car.The Nissan 2013 EXTREM has turbocharged[DIG-T] 1.6-litre gasoline engine with advanced direct injection, built with same technology concept that is introduced in the power-train in the innovative Nissan DeltaWing Le Mans race car. The 2013 EXTREM may also will available with a option of front or AWD[All-Wheel Drive] with Torque