Peugeot 301 new sedan launch 2012

Peugeot 301 new sedan launch 2012Peugeot 301 will be available with Engine of 1.2 Liter VTi 3-cylinder petrol variant capable of producing 71 horsepower(Base Variant with manual or electronic gearbox control) Other engine of 1.6 Liter VTi producing a 92 horsepower(Medium Variant with manual gearbox). Peugeot 301 sedan is also offering an automatic transmission engine of 1.6 Liter that will produce 115 horsepower(Top-end variant with manual or automatic gearbox). In November 2012, Peugeot will first launch 301 sedan in Turkey and later take worldwide car launch of Peugeot 301 sedan.Peugeot-301-Front-2013 Before the Paris Motor Show in September 2012, Peugeot has showcased its 301 sedan with all new 4-doors. The french car maker, has designed Peugeot 301 sedan with look that will be similar if we stripped-down Peugeot 508 sedan. Peugeot-301-Rear-2013 It offers modern styling and features by offering a modern design & quality work inside & outside the Peugeot 301 sedan. Peugeot 301 can

NEW PEUGEOT 208 in Geneva 2012

NEW PEUGEOT 208 in Geneva 2012THE NEW PEUGEOT 208: RE-GENERATION NEW PEUGEOT 208 NEW PEUGEOT 208 In the spring of 2012, Peugeot will launch its new model in the ‘B’ (Supermini) segment. The new car will be available in two distinct body styles; 3- and 5-door. Today, when creating a vehicle capable of appealing to and uniting a wide variety of customers with ever changing expectations, simple renewal is no longer enough. Therefore, from the outset, the ‘A9’ Project adopted the most ambitious specification overhaul ever undertaken by the Marque to create a vehicle that represents a true generation leap.Peugeot has not hesitated to rewrite the rulebook, with the desire to reinvent the principles on which the success of icons like the 205, 206 and 207 were built and to ‘re-generate’ them, to create: The Peugeot 208. “The 208 is a new illustration of the Marque’s project launched two years ago, representing a new

Peugeot reveals XY and GTi concepts ahead of Geneva

Peugeot reveals XY and GTi concepts ahead of GenevaPEUGEOT XY CONCEPT AND GTi CONCEPT Peugeot 208 GTi Concept Peugeot 208 GTi Concept XY Concept, Exclusive and Urban GTi Concept, The Regeneration of a Legend Peugeot is revealing two concept cars in Geneva, the XY Concept and the GTi Concept, which present two expressions of the Marque’s upmarket trend, in the “supermini” segment. These concept cars interpret the generation leap already defined by the 208 in different contexts. The XY Concept is intended for city dwellers who love distinction and refinement, whereas the GTi Concept re-generates a legend.The XY Concept and GTi Concept show off exclusive and sophisticated colours and news ways of working with materials. Introduced on the 208 and particularly charismatic, their front face sees the light signature of the lamps refined by their full-LED functions and a flat-guide latest generation light guide. A prominent expression visible both day and night! Using the same Full-LED technology,

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