Peugeot set its best line-up for the 83rd Geneva Motor Show

Peugeot is going to present a big showcase with its strong line-up at the most-awaited 83rd Auto exhibit of Geneva Motor Show, starting from March 5th, 2013. Peugeot will showcase the advanced innovations in the area of unique design, technology, performance and efficiency in its future vehicles. The most significant is by making its vehicles less CO2 emitter which Peugeot currently leads with an average of just 121.6 grams/kilometer. In its line-up, the central to the showcase will be the new Peugeot 2008 Urban Crossover, which will make its world premiere at the Show. On the engine configuration, the new Peugeot 2008 will have inspired engine configuration from 208, which will be a new 3-cylinder petrol engine and enhanced technology based the e-HDi Diesel Engine which is quite capable of producing a very low CO2 emission of 99 grams/kilometer. Peugeot 2008 HYbrid Air : Peugeot is coming with an Eco-friendly theme for its future car in the Geneva Show, for that the bold initiative has come in the form of Peugeot 2008 HYbrid Air where the importance of less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions will be achieved with cost-effective technology and can be applied to passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in the B and C segments in global markets. For that, the advanced 3-cylinder petrol engines systems are tested with innovation in the form of compressed air technology. Peugeot 208 HYbrid FE Concept: The new Peugeot 208 HYbrid FE Concept will be premiered in the Geneva Show, is the future technical enhancement in the engine technology of a supermini which include a petrol/electric hybrid powertrain, an optimised aerodynamic design, a reduced weight of 200 kg, a CO2 Emission of only 49 grams/kilometer and can accelerate from 0-62 miles/hour in just 8.0 seconds like the 208 GTi. Peugeot 208 XY and 208 GTi: In addition to beauty of the show, the Peugeot 208 GTi with 208 XY, will be displayed with three-door, featuring unique headlight signatures and sporty 17-inch alloy wheels with the interior elegance of cabin elements and colors. The 208 XY has powertrain of both power and economical petrol and e-HDi diesel engines, generating a power ranging from 92 hp to 155 hp. And the 208 GTi with 1.6 Litre THP generates an output of 200 hp which is mated with manual transmission’s six close-ratio gears. It has a CO2 emissions of just 139 grams/km. Peugeot 208 T16: In the Motorsport car lineup, the sports car Peugeot 208 T16 will be showcased, which has already made the mark by the success of Monte Carlo 2013 in its class from the 208 R2. On the show, there will be a global debut of a 208 following the latest R5 regulations. Peugeot RCZ R: The Peugeot RCZ R concept will have the production model launched later in 2013. The Sports Coupe featuring bespoke suspension and wheels, a Torsen limited slip differential and a powertrain of 1.6 Litre THP engine with 260 hp. It is targeting the power of 160 hp/litre, which will be the highest in a production model with less CO2 emission of 155 grams/km. Peugeot Onyx: Peugeot will showcase the most stunning model in the supercar segment - Peugeot Onyx - built on a carbon shell, it has the dynamic and innovative design under the hood of 3.7 Litre V8 HDi hybrid engine, capable of generating a output of 600 horsepower with a mounted rear central position engine mated to a 6-speed sequential gearbox. The car most significant features which are truly environment friendly is the ‘newspaper wood’, produced from compressed used newspapers and used to shape the dashboard and centre console. In overall, there will be a big display of 31 production vehicles and concept cars. Auto News Release Source : Peugeot