Peugeot EXALT Plug-In Hybrid Concept Revealed Ahead Of Beijing Motor Show

Hinting at what the future Peugeot models might look like, the French major has unveiled the Peugeot EXALT Concept. The new saloon concept will make its official debut at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, but the carmaker has unveiled the official pictures of the concept ahead of the event. In 2012, Peugeot unveiled the Onyx concept and the Exalt concept picks up where the previous concept left off. From the bodywork to the interior, everything is so unique about the Exalt concept. Although the concept looks like a coupe, Peugeot presents the same as a five door saloon that features a long bonnet, chiseled panels and short rear overhang. The Exalt projects a very aggressive look because of the flat surfaces and straight lines the designers focused on. Despite carrying a modern look and feel to it, the most interesting part is that the entire bodywork is hand formed by a master panel beater. Some of the notable features of the Exalt include a low (1.31 m) roof, a spacious cabin, a raked windscreen, a high waistline, basalt fibre sills, LED direction indicators, fins provided at the bottom to direct air to engine, a rear trimmed in Shark Skin – an efficient textile for low drag coefficient, 20-inch wheels and a boot trimmed in wood. The interior of the Exalt features Peugeot i-Cockpit that comes with an innovative digital instrument panel. The i-Cockpit also includes an extended center console which features two folding touch screens that come out of the dashboard. The system also comprises of nine toggle switches arranged in an interesting manner on either sides of the steering wheel – two on the left and seven on the right, with each of them giving access to different functions. The concept also features Pure Blue, an innovative air treatment system that gets activated when the car is stationary and cleans the air in the cabin by emitting bactericides and fungicides. Powering the Exalt is a hybrid drive train called HYbrid4, which uses a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder THP petrol engine and a 50kW electric motor. The combined output of the system is 340 hp of which 270 hp comes from the internal combustion engine. The system also has energy recovery braking technology which converts kinetic energy into electricity and recharges the battery when the vehicle is decelerating. Peugeot EXALT Concept Image Gallery [gallery columns="2" ids="22848,22847,22846,22845,22844,22843,22842,22841,22840,22839,22838,22837,22836,22835,22834,22833,22832,22831,22830"]