Los Angeles Auto Show

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV - a smart green car

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV - a smart green carAt the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012, the Chevrolet has revealed the all new first plug-in electric vehicle with SAE Combo DC Fast Charging ability – the 5-door Urban All-Electric mini – the Chevrolet Spark EV – which is not only safe, efficient, durable but affordable and reliable also. The first modern electric green vehicle will be assembled in the manufacturing facility at General Motors White Marsh, MD in U.S., is going for sale this year(2013) and will be delivered to customers in 2014.The 2014 Chevrolet EV has all durable and reliable features that has a warranty of 1,00,000 miles[i.e. 1,60,934 kilometers] or 8 years and specially tested for more than 200,000 hours. Chevrolet has assembled the best performance EV range with advanced electric motor and battery system of 20-kWh lithium ion battery that gives excellent acceleration by generating a horsepower of 130[i.e 100 kilo-Watts] and top torque of 400 pound feet[i.e. 542 Nm]. With smart performance

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012People are crazy for Sports car. At Los Angeles Auto Show 2012, the Automobili Lamborghini has showcases the new Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster, the world of open-top luxury super Sports Cars. This Sports Car was introduced in Summer 2011 and 300 units has already been delivered to customers. The Super Car has removable roof to the engine hood. Lamborghini Aventador is a fundamental example of a careful study that excites all 5 senses. Roof is made entirely using various technologies like RTM and Forged Composite® which is made up to completely carbon fiber.This makes each component very light, weighing less than 6 kg. Due to lightweight it is very simple to attach and easy to remove. This can easily be stored in the front luggage compartment. The rear pillar has been redesigned to offer ample ventilation to engine compartment. It also support to removable roof. Lamborghini accommodates an automatic protection system for

2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012

2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012“Customers want cars that are expressive and fun while offering class-leading fuel economy,” says Mark Fields, Ford president of the Americas. The 2014 Ford Fiesta is a most fuel efficient car along with performance, connectivity and personality, is debuted at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 . Ford is using 1.0-liter EcoBoost® engine that deliver the best miles per gallon among its rivals. Fiesta engine has already been selected for International Engine of the Year Award in Europe and Engine Technology International’s award 2012, is expected to deliver more than 40 mpg.It produces 123 horsepower for each liter while 108 horsepower per liter by for its size than a Lamborghini Aventador. 2014 Ford Fiesta EcoBoost enabled engine, offers fuel economy by 20 percent and reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 15 percent. MyFord Touch® system with 6.5-inch touch screen that feature enhanced voice control along with the options for navigation, communication and

2014 Ford Fiesta ST EcoBoost at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012

2014 Ford Fiesta ST EcoBoost at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012Log Angeles is the witness of excitement among fans and brands owners. Sports coupe along with small cars is in top list. Ford has introduced new 2014 Ford Fiesta ST at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 in small cars segment. Small car segment is a hot in North America. The same performance model has been launched in Europe in 2005. The award-winning Ford 1.6-liter EcoBoost® 4-cylinder engine propels the 2014 Fiesta ST with an estimated 197 horsepower and 214 lb.-ft. of torque while Mini Cooper S with 181 horsepower and a torque of 177 lb.-ft.In the same B-segment Sonic RS produces just 138 horsepower and 148 lb.-ft. Mark Roberts, Ford-Fiesta calibration supervisor says, “This is a rewarding car to rev”. It has 177 lb.-ft. of torque available from 1,600 rpm and 214 lb.-ft. by 3,500 rpm. It seems that Fiesta ST has the engine of twice of its size

Mercedes-Benz at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012

Mercedes-Benz at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012Los Angeles Auto Show 2012  is the evidence of competition in market that results more and more brands doing innovation with technology. Mercedes-Benz break the conventional boundaries with the loos of technology and design. They are celebrating their premiere on this automotive stage the new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Black Series. The new SLS AMG Coupé Black Series is a legendary model in gull-wing design. It was inspired version of Mercedes SLS AMG GT3. This sports car with unique design, excellent driving dynamics.It is a light weight vehicle kerb weight of 1550 kg it is around,70 kg lighter than the SLS AMG. It has an outstanding power/weight ratio of 2.45 kg/hp. Mercedes-Benz-AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine produces 464 kW (631 hp) at 7400 rpm. It accelerates the gull-wing model to a speed of 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. AMG RIDE CONTROL has AMG high-performance ceramic composite brake system, weight-optimised AMG

Porsche at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012

Porsche at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012At the world’s most prestigious motor show -“Los Angeles Auto Show 2012” – Porsche has debuted the first footage of new Porsche Cayman in front of international public at the LA Convention Center. The Cayman 3rd generation models are 2-seater Sports Coupe is result of advanced re-engineering and will be available in the market with 2 variants – Porsche Cayman and Porsche Cayman S. The Cayman is capable of producing 275 horsepower using the power of 2.7 liter engine.The 2700 CC engine can sprint 0 to 60 miles/hour in 5.1 seconds. On the other hand the Cayman S 3.4 liter engine can produce 325 horsepower and sprints 0 to 60 miles/hour in just 4.4 seconds with availability of Sports Chrono and PDK packages. At the world premiere, with the beauty of Porsche new Cayman,  there are the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 models and Porsche Panamera Platinum Edition which are rejoicing their North American debuts

MINI John Cooper Works at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012

MINI John Cooper Works at Los Angeles Auto Show 2012The Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 which is running from 30 November to 9 December in Los Angeles this year is the prime attraction of auto fans. Hot spot of Los Angeles auto show that is latest MINI models that is full of design, technology and entertainment. MINI is the centerpiece at this year aboard with new addition to the brand’s line-up. MINI is targeting US Specially Californian audience of its current models and products. The MINI Countryman is one of the models on display at the LA Auto Show 2012.British premium Automaker is the predecessor that impart brand’s seventh model. U.S. has been MINI’s most important single market for a number of years. Rude health of British premium automaker has been improved due to sustainable success of brand in US market. Brand’s 7th model would add a new chapter in the growth of the company. Positive statistics shows

2014 Mazda6 Sedan and Mazda CX-5 SUV at Los Angeles Motor Show 2012

2014 Mazda6 Sedan and Mazda CX-5 SUV at Los Angeles Motor Show 2012LOS ANGELES auto show is on peak. Fans are keeping close eyes on their favorite brands. 2014 Mazda6 debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012. It has SKYACTIV-D 2.2-liter clean diesel engine. It has emerged from the brand’s KODO design-inspired lineup. Mid-size sedan would go on sale in January 2013. It is equipped with a SKYACTIV-G 2.5-liter gasoline engine. It would be followed by SKYACTIV-D equipped; this version is expected to come second half of the year 2013. The 2014 Mazda6 equipped with capacitor-based brake energy regeneration system commonly known as i-ELOOP.This makes Mazda the first manufacturer in the Asia that is offering latest technology in non commercial vehicle. Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO said,  Mazda North American Operations (MNAO),  as Mazda continues to grow and SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY continues to offer real-world efficiency and performance, our Los Angeles announcements are only tips of the iceberg. The best is yet

BMW i3 Concept Coupe - all electric zero emission model unveiled

BMW i3 Concept Coupe - all electric zero emission model unveiledLos Angeles Auto Show 2012 is on peak. Everyday is full of excitement. BMW has showcased, the first ever all-electric model – BMW i3 Concept Coupe. It is ready for production. The zero emission Green Car is loaded with the state-of-the-art, clean-cut and open design showcased for the premium profile. Its body is made up of the carbon-fiber. BMW i3 concept gives excellent connectivity within and outside world. Its dynamic performance can only be achieved with electric version of the BMW eDrive technology.The Coupe is also propelled by an electric motor developed by the BMW Group, Like the BMW i3 Concept. i3 would produce a maximum output of 125 kW/170 hp and peak torque of 250 Newton meters (184 lb-ft). The electric motor draws its energy from the lithium-ion storage cells. The passenger cell which is built from carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). It is extremely light yet very strong