Kia Provo Concept of Hybird with dynamic looks and smart technology unveiled at 83rd Salon International De l’Auto in Geneva

Kia's presents dynamic and smart Provo Hybrid concept, in which the advanced technology mated with the masculine design of a couple-like hatchback, prevailing in the Kia's future B-segment cars, is finally going to unveil with its debut at the 83rd Salon International De l’Auto in Geneva 2013. The Kia's stylish Provo hatchback concept has a smart hybrid system which combines, a 4-cylinder turbo-charged 1.6-Litre Gasoline Direct Injection[GDI] Engine which is capable of generating an output of 204 PS[201.2 horsepower or 150 kilowatt], with the smart regenerative electric motors which is alone capable of delivering an output of 45 PS[44.4 hp or 33.1 kilowatt] and has a technically smart 4WD-Hybrid system, designed to produce an extra power to the rear wheels when needed and also permit low-speed electric-alone motion. The power is transmitted via Kia's first time introduced 7-speed DCT transmission, bringing a complete the technology package. The Kia's new Provo Hybrid Concept has an impressive exterior is featured with Kia’s ‘tiger nose’ grille with Schreyer-inspired headlamp made of more than 850 tiny LEDs which can be set with daytime running lights, full beam or even race-style configurations, visor-style appearance to the cabin glass with the clamshell-like roof floating above, its 3.88-metres long, 1.77-metres wide and 1.35-metres tall, featuring strong blood-orange accents contrast with the grey-green ‘Storm Metal’ body colour, has a unique 225/40-shod, 19-inch milled-alloy wheels, a 2.53-metre wheelbase, where doors panel comprised of the outer panel, a carbon-fibre inner panel and a neoprene-covered inner section featuring the Storm Metal body colour. The Kia's Provo Concept has a stylish interior featured with fine quilted leather finishing in the seats construction, seat backrests with smartly mounted on a rotating aluminium track, dashboard is constructed from a single expanse of carbon fibre featuring business-like main binnacle includes large analogue dials on a digital display, has an engine stop-start button, drive selector for the 7-speed DCT transmission, a Multi-Media Interface control, various infotainment functions and  a smaller central display of other minor gauges, featuring "normal mode" which shows a speedometer, rev counter and sat-nav route instructions, "cruise mode" which shows a large scale map, route instructions and a speedometer, and "track mode" which shows a large rev counter, a track-map and a lap-timer, also a full "entertainment mode" featuring visuals of music, radio and other information. The DCT gearbox is uses paddles behind the steering wheel featured with blood-orange stitching and a race style straight-ahead indicator, roof panel also includes the aluminium window toggle controls and ambiance of a cockpit with tiny red LEDs set in the multi-layered doors, in the air vents and also in roof to give a low-glow ambient illumination. The production schedule of Provo Concept is not confirmed, where as the new Kia pro_cee’d GT is arriving in the late summer of 2013. Photos of Kia Provo Concept [gallery order="DESC"] Auto News Release Source : KIA