Jaguar C-X17 Crossover Concept Premieres At 2013 Dubai Motor Show

Jaguar has been teasing the world with its latest crossover for quite some time now. But for Jag fans, the long wait has finally come to an end. If you are still not able to guess what we are talking about, read the next few lines. Jaguar’s latest crossover creation, the C-X17 concept was unveiled a while back but since then, for the world, the car only existed in pictures. Gladly, the brand has recently displayed the C-X17 sport crossover for the very first time, at the 2013 Dubai International Motor Show. The C-X17 was created as a design study to introduce Jaguar's all-new advanced aluminum architecture. This is the same architecture on which an exciting new range of future Jaguars will be built, the best example being the spied mid-sized sedan slated for 2015. This modular, scalable new architecture is extremely promising in regard to new vehicles as it will let Jag build cars of different body types and C-X17 is one such example. The C-X17 is not just a crossover but is a sports crossover, meaning it subtly blends the character and driving experience of a sports car in a bigger bodyshell. The car features lots of gadgetries and high end technologies that Jaguar is famous for. Take a look at the official picture gallery of the C-X17 concept crossover below. Jaguar C-X17 Crossover Concept Image Gallery [gallery columns="2" ids="16485,16486,16487,16488,16489,16490,16491,16492,16493,16494,16495,16496,16497,16498"]