Infiniti Q30 Concept Crossover Showcased At 2013 LA Auto Show

People love to get surprises and they can get a overwhelming surprise after the first look of the Infiniti Q30 Concept. This car is smashingly beautiful and shares lots of similarities with the Sedan. This car is ready to meet the demands of the customers of the century with its contemporary look in the variances of both sports and coupe vehicles. The car is a new definition of luxury and will win million young hearts who love luxurious yet classy cars. The Infiniti Q30 Concept is truly dynamic in design and possesses sportiness of a Coupe. The design of this car is all over in a blend of coupe, crossover and a hatchback. The designer of this car was free to involve all the sportiness and seduction in one pack and to get over all those conventional design to meet the latest trends of automobile needs. Design features Infiniti Q30 Concept is more presented as a model of passion for those car lovers who loves to look feel the car more than driving. The car has a look of rich bronze shade which is too seductive to resist for a vehicle and other features are like the door panels, the seats and the materials that are include in the manufacturing has been chosen with great care and with great thoughtfulness. The lighting of this car has been done with great creativity and thoughtfulness that increases the overall ambience of the car and the seats and the dash upholsteries of this car are made up with high finish leather in fine stitching. The ceramic covers are found in th e front seat backs with a high profile audio system and speakers that will create a partying atmosphere inside your car. The Lavish Touch The Infiniti Car Company has not compromised with the metal which they used in the car body center consoles, door panels and HVAC trim and they have also put a high finesse in applying the contrasting colors with the interiors with the glossy bronze shade of the car. The ‘Dual Wave’ Design of the car represents with a more sculpted appeal than just being a luxury car and the Q30 Concept is also having an ‘In Touch’ facility which is facilitated in the cabin’s lower central screen. Infiniti Q30 Concept Crossover Image Gallery [gallery columns="2" ids="17756,17755,17754,17753,17752,17751,17750,17749,17748,17747,17746,17745"]