Infiniti of Canada confirms the 2014 Q50 debut at Canadian International Auto Show 2013

Infiniti of Canada, has just confirmed that it is setting a Canadian Debut of their luxury sports sedan - the 2014 Infinite Q50 - on February, 14th at the prestigious Canadian International Auto Show[CIAS] 2013, in Toronto. The CIAS is organize in the month of February starting from 14th to 24th. The central to the show in the Infiniti models, is the new 2014 Q50 luxury Sedan with its dynamic athletic design, enhanced interior, best performance and technology,  with the addition of Canada oriented driving dynamics for more comfortable and safe driving experience. Other models to light-up the show, are 2013 Infiniti cars and Crossovers, which will accompany 2014 Q50 sedan with their beautiful presence, includes the new Infiniti JX luxury SUV, and the championship-winning Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One racing car. Infiniti is introducing for Canada, the two variants in terms of powertrain - one is 3.7 Litre V6 and 3.5 Litre Hybrid. The Hybrid System is incorporated with a 24 valve DOHC aluminum-alloy V6 Engine and small-size laminated Lithium-ion battery design with electric motor[one-motor/two-clutch motor control]. In this hybrid system, the V6 engine alone can generates 296 hp and 255 lb.-ft. of torque while enhanced 50 kilo-Watts electric motor can alone generates 67 hp and 199 lb.-ft. of torque, so the full system together generates a total horsepower of 354 to provide better acceleration with less fuel consumption. The Hybrid  system has Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid™ system with Intelligent Dual Clutch Control. In the Auto Exhibition, Infiniti will debut their new and world's 1st production performance technologies, inside the 2014 Q50 sports Sedan, which are Infiniti Direct Adaptive Steering™ technology and Active Lane Control™, to make the driving experience more safe and comfortable. With the Adaptive Steering, it has 4 types of steering setting modes provided in the car, to allow the driver to choose the optimal mode as per the condition and situation. With Active Lane Control, it enhanced the center driving abilities by the use of camera which act as a lane marker detection system. Photo Gallery of 2014 Infiniti Q50 [gallery order="DESC" orderby="post_date"] Auto Press Release 2013 2014 Infiniti Q50 making Canadian debut at the 2013 Canadian International Auto Show - Infiniti bringing an entirely new level of inspired performance to its booth with the first model to carry new nomenclature - MISSISSAUGA, ONT. - Today, Infiniti Canada announced the national debut of the Infiniti Q50 luxury sports sedan at the Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) in Toronto on February 14. Building on Infiniti's legendary sports sedan design, performance and technology leadership, the all-new 2014 Infiniti Q50 is designed to create a new, distinct level of customer engagement when it launches in Canada this summer.  The 2014 Infiniti Q50 will be the centrepiece of the Infiniti display at the CIAS, which runs from February 15-24 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Also featured at the Infiniti exhibit is the complete line of 2013 Infiniti cars and SUVs, including the all-new Infiniti JX luxury crossover, and the championship-winning Infiniti Red Bull Racing Formula One race car.  As the official sponsor and exclusive automotive partner of Cirque du Soleil® Touring Shows, the Infiniti CIAS booth will also include animation by Cirque du Soleil Special Events for photo opportunities throughout the first weekend of the auto show. "The Infiniti Q50 reflects the direct influence of the Infiniti concepts known as the 'Infiniti Trilogy', particularly 'Essence,' while honouring the iconic design dynamics of earlier Infiniti sports sedans," said Wendy Durward, Director of Infiniti Canada. "The new Q50's athletic and tightened appearance blends its lower and wider proportions with enhanced interior roominess to stunning effect inside and out." There are two powertrain choices for Canada - a 3.7-litre V6 and 3.5-litre Hybrid. The hybrid powertrain features the Infiniti Direct Response Hybrid™ system with Intelligent Dual Clutch Control. It combines a 3.5-litre 24-valve DOHC aluminum-alloy V6 and compact laminated lithium-ion battery design with an innovative one-motor/two-clutch motor control. The system's V6 is rated at 296 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque, while the advanced 50 kW electric motor is rated at 67 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque. The hybrid system net power is 354 horsepower, providing strong acceleration and lean fuel economy. Two new world's first production performance technologies make their debuts in the Q50 - Infiniti Direct Adaptive Steering™ technology and Active Lane Control™. The new steering system allows advanced control of the Q50's tire angle and steering inputs, transmitting the driver's intentions to the wheels faster than a mechanical system. Four different steering settings are offered, allowing customization by driver preference or road conditions. The Active Lane Control™ uses a camera-based lane marker detection system to further enhance on-centre driving capability. "2012 was a good year for Infiniti in Canada as the brand continues to progress and re-define premium motoring. Infiniti experienced double-digit growth for eleven consecutive months last year in Canada, propelled by the all-new Infiniti JX luxury crossover, which has effectively set new benchmarks in its competitive segment," says Durward. "We are excited for the years ahead as we implement Infiniti's new nomenclature philosophy, embark on ambitious growth plans and drive a new direction for the brand, starting with the all-new 2014 Q50." Auto Press Release Source :  Infiniti