IDX FREEFLOW AND IDX NISMO Concepts At Tokyo Auto Show 2013

People who have a fetish for luxury will be happy to see the two new Nissan car models introduced in the Tokyo Car Show. These two cars were tagged as IDX Freeflow and IDX Nismo. These two cars are built on the same architecture but there are some differences present that are really impressive and made for the people who have different persona. While they introduced the IDX Freeflow which is especially made for the typical classy and sophisticated people who love to live a luxurious lifestyle and want their cars to be even classier, and mentioning about the IDX Nismo, then this one is an adventurous sports car which meets the needs of the young people who love innovation and fresh concepts gathered all together in a car that gives them an unusual and enthralling driving experience. The Overall Looks The Design of both the cars has been inspired by the ultimate luxurious with simplicity of Sedan. The three box shaped design is indeed a new concept that include the three integral compartments of the car i.e. the cargo, engine and the passenger. The side and front face of the both the cars are quite different from other cars and showcases with panels partitions that actually distinct the side from the top and create a great visual impact on the spectator. As you see this car from the front and rear look you will find a look with a crisp box design with a narrow and wide proportion that gives you a feel of the ‘real car’. Both the interiors and exterior have an ease in design but they provide you will all the accessories and operations that are provided in a steadfast car. Freeflow vs. Nismo Talking about the IDX Freeflow then this has come up with a four seater concept with cozy and relaxing interiors which more looks like a lounge and you can feel great while you sit here with your friends. The size consists of 4.1, 1.7, and 1.3 meters of length, width and height respectively with a seamless round roof.  The 18 inch wheel with a capacity of 1.2 to 1.5 liters of gasoline CVT engine completes the concept. This Nismo share the same features as Freeflow but with a 1.8 meters of width compared to its cousin. The engine is 1.6 liters and the ambience is more of a sports car and people can take their easy picks from these two. IDX FREEFLOW AND IDX NISMO Image Gallery [gallery columns="2" ids="17645,17610,17638,17644,17641,17646,17643,17642,17640,17639,17637,17636,17635,17634,17633,17632,17630,17629,17628,17627,17625,17624,17623,17622,17619,17617,17615,17613,17611,17608,17607,17606,17605,17604,17603,17602,17725,17723,17724"]