Dacia backs veterans in Morocco rally bid

1430-mile Carta rally will see 4 race-prepped Duster SUVs piloted by ex-military personnel Dacia will help a fleet of veterans and ex-military service personnel to contest a collection of cross-country rallies in Morocco and the UK as a part of a partnership with the Future Terrain charity. Future Terrain was established to assist army veterans, notably these with bodily and psychological accidents, to earn that can assist them acquire civilian employment. Via the programme a Future Terrain workforce will compete in 4 Dacia Dusters within the 1430-mile Carta Rallye off-road occasion that begins in Morocco on 31 March, and the British Nationwide Cross-Nation Championship. The Dusters are competing within the GPS Cup part of the Carta Rally, which runs for largely standard-spec machine and mixes components of a timed occasion with a navigation rally. Quite a few veterans have been present process coaching within the Dusters on tank proving grounds at MOD Bovington in Dorset. Grant White, Future Terrain’s operations chief and a former Royal Marine who misplaced his leg in a bike accident, stated: “Even in normal type on highway tyres the Dusters have been actually succesful.” The Future Terrain charity has its roots in a earlier initiative known as Race2Recovery, which led to a workforce of service personnel competing within the Dakar Rally. READ MORE Dacia Sandero highway journey: 1500 miles from Tangier to Twickenham Dakar Rally: Methods to survive the world's hardest race Dacia Duster evaluation