Acura NSX Concept - a sexy hybrid supercar revealed at Detroit 2013

Acura NSX Concept - a sexy hybrid supercar revealed at Detroit 2013On the second press preview day, Acura has revealed their sexy hybrid supercar with next-generation design and premium style in exterior as well as in the interior with its hybrid – NSX Concept – in the Detroit Auto Show[NAIAS] 2013. The dynamic clean presence with new premium interiors, advance technology and class-leading performance is all will make the sexy sports car really competitive in the segment of supercars. On this successful premiere, the vice president of national marketing operations, Mike Accavitti has expressed his view by saying that – “We’re making great progress in delivering on the expectations we created a year ago, with advanced technology that will bring new levels of performance and a unique, dynamic experience to the exotic sports car market.” With the theme of ‘Human Support Cockpit‘, Acura claims to have delivered a super sense of friendly interaction between man and machine by its exclusive driving position, enhance visibility

2014 Acura MDX SUV -debut at Detroit Auto Show 2013

2014 Acura MDX SUV -debut at Detroit Auto Show 2013The most awaited and North America’s largest & most prestigious Automobile Show – the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) – is soon going to begin in DETROIT, which is a biggest platform for the Automakers around the world to launch their debut of concept and production models. The press preview at the NAIAS 2013 is going to open from January, 14th to 15th. While the Industry Preview will open from January, 16th to 17th and the Charity Preview on January, 18th.Finally the NAIAS 2013 for public show will start from January, 19th to 27th and more than 500 vehicles will be showcased on this day for public audience. For this International Auto Show, Acura is coming-up with the prototype of its next-generation 2014 MDX SUV – a Luxury Sport Utility Vehicle – in the press show on January, 15th 2013 at North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). Acura has released a photo teaser of 2014 MDX SUV, showcasing

2013 Acura ILX

2013 Acura ILXWalking around the new 2013 Acura ILX, there’s little to tip off the casual observer that this car shares its platform with the Honda Civic. This is a very good thing, as nobody who’s shopping the entry-level premium segment wants their vehicle to look like a mainstream compact. By now, you’ve surely developed an opinion on the sharp creases and bold look of modern Acura products, so we’re not going to dwell on its beak-like fascia other than to say it’s been downsized on the ILX and that it mostly blends in with its overall design ethos.We wouldn’t expect the face of the ILX to deter many buyers if they are happy with what the rest of the car offers, which is not something we could say of some recent Acura designs. A look at the ILX in profile tells you that Acura isn’t backing all the way down