2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Coupe

2013 Continental GT Speed Coupe Engine & Performance:  The legendary Bentley 48-valve 12 cylinder with 6 Liter capacity, the famous W12 Engine, is one of the power house and center of new Continental GT Speed coupe. The new Continental GT twin turbo-charged W12 engine is capable of producing a horsepower of 616 i.e 460 kilo-Watt at 6000 RPM, making the GT a super coupe. The 4-cam engine with a central Torsen differential has a monster torque of 800 cubic-feet(Nm) resulting a better overtaking power in new Continental GT. The power to perform is all comes with new Continental GT and raising the bar to a top speed of 329 kilometer/hour i.e 205 miles/hour by performing 0-100 kilometer/hour in just 4.2 seconds i.e 0-60 miles/hour in just 4.0 seconds. On the other hand with intelligent and advanced transmission system in the new gearbox is responsible for total 12% improvement in the estimated fuel economy and carbon-di-oxide(CO2) emission. The ultra performance tires, advanced gear system, unique chassis gives Continental GT a harder-edged, best handling experience with driving grip. With power of good speed the GT Speed coupe ensures great levels of stability and grip on the road on any weather conditions. 2013 Continental GT Speed Coupe Technology: Equipped with the latest and advanced technology, the new Continental GT power house with all wheel drive system and ZF automatic 8 speed transmission. The enhanced, intelligent and adaptive controlling software system activates on quick gear changing is all possible by the making the transmission system with highest level of technology. Continental offered enhanced and improved chassis powered with all wheel drive utility. [caption id="attachment_5200" align="alignnone" width="770" caption="2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Coupe"][/caption] 2013 Continental GT Speed Coupe Interior & Exterior:  Dynamic by design whether it is interior or exterior the Continental GT has designed with superior quality and sporty looks. Some of the features are : - the very noticeable front grille with dark-tinted matrix - special 21 inch speed wheels with spoke-shaped alloys design in it. - lower air intakes - fitted with 275 35 R21 Pirelli PZero ultra-high performance tires. - the muscular, elegant sculpted coachwork for more sportier looks - the exhaust tailpipes with rifled finish - uprated and lowered suspension for more sportier look - Mulliner driving specification cabin with Signature speed design cues - a distinctive design and sports luxury car. Continental GT Speed Coupe Production & Delivery: Famous for the rapid production model ever by Bentley, Continental GT Speed has done the world’s largest production of 12-cylinder engines. Started taking orders of Continental GT speed coupe, the model will be started deliver in October 2012. Article Source : Bentley Photo Gallery of  2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed Coupe [gallery order="DESC" columns="4" orderby="post_date"] Auto Press Release 2012 Bentley Motors Press Release www.bentleymedia.com @BentleyMotorsPR  #gtspeed International debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2012 625 PS, 800 Nm and capable of 205 mph (329 km/h) Lowered, uprated suspension for a sportier stance and harder-edged, agile Bentley driving experience Signature Speed design cues and Mulliner Driving Specification cabin New close-ratio 8-speed automatic transmission (Crewe, England. 20 June 2012) Bentley is introducing a new performance flagship, its fastest production model ever, the Continental GT Speed coupe. The new 205 mph (329 km/h) GT Speed will appeal to driving enthusiasts who place a high value on outright performance, agile handling, distinctive design and sporting luxury. Orders for the new GT Speed are being taken now, with deliveries to commence in October 2012. At the heart of the new Continental GT Speed is an up-rated version of the unique Bentley 6-litre, 48-valve, four-cam, twin turbocharged W12 engine. For the new model, the legendary Bentley W12 develops 625 PS (616 bhp/460 kW) at 6000 rev/min and 800 Nm of torque to deliver thunderous, supercar performance with effortless overtaking capability. The 0-60 mph sprint is dispatched in a mere 4.0 seconds (0-100 km/h in 4.2s) and the GT Speed has a top speed of 205 mph (329 km/h). The new Speed’s immense power is transmitted via a close-ratio, ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. This state-of-the-art transmission delivers quick yet imperceptible gear changes through intelligent adaptive control software to ensure the perfect combination of speed and refinement. The new gearbox also makes a significant contribution to an overall twelve per cent improvement in fuel economy and CO2emissions. Channelling the extreme performance of the GT Speed is a unique chassis tune that includes uprated steering and suspension systems and a lowered ride height. The enhanced chassis is complemented by unique 21-inch Speed wheels, available in two lustrous finishes, and fitted with 275 35 R21 Pirelli PZero ultra-high performance tyres. The result is a sportier and more engaging Bentley driving experience with tauter handling and improved agility. Commenting on the new GT Speed, Wolfgang Dürheimer, Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive says: “For nearly a decade, the Bentley Continental GT has defined high luxury, high performance grand touring and the unique W12 engine has been so successful that Bentley is now the world’s largest producer of 12-cylinder engines. The new GT Speed with its harder-edged, sportier character reaffirms this pinnacle positioning and continues to broaden the worldwide appeal of the Continental coupe.” The muscular, elegant sculpted coachwork of the Continental coupe is subtly enhanced with design touches which reinforce the sporting character of the new model. Most notable are the dark-tinted matrix front grille and lower air intakes and the ‘rifled’ finish to the exhaust tailpipes. The new GT Speed delivers supreme levels of performance with no compromise in comfort, refinement, craftsmanship and quality. Using only the finest natural materials, the hand-crafted cabin of the GT Speed features the Mulliner Driving Specification as standard as well as a number of signature Speed design cues that combine contemporary luxury with a distinctly sporting character. Standard fitment on all Continental models, the permanent all-wheel drive system, employing a central Torsen differential, harnesses the prodigious power and torque of the new GT Speed and ensures huge levels of grip and stability whatever the road or weather conditions. Ahead of deliveries this autumn, the GT Speed makes its international debut at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed from 28th June until 1st July. Modern-day Bentley Boys Juha Kankunnen, Guy Smith and Derek Bell will pilot a pre-production GT Speed up the Goodwood Hill twice a day.